Medical Student Bursary Programme

Clinical Education is proud to announce it’s formal bursary programme for UK based Medical Students, intending to practice in primary care within the NHS.

We believe that it’s never too early to start your Functional Medicine Training journey. We’ve collaborated with Charity and Commercial Sponsors to enable this opportunity. We give sincere thanks to both organisations for their support of this program.

Approved full-time medical students will receive up to 50% off the AFMCP ™ -UK course fee (up to £1311). Subject to suitability and availability.

To Apply for the bursary, please email to be sent the application form. Bursaries will be released quarterly and are subject to peer review by both Clinical Education and Charity Sponsors. Closing date for this quarter is September 30th 2020. 

Gilly’s Gift – supporting AFMCP ™ -UK since 2017

Gilly’s Gift was established as a charity in November 2009 in recognition of Gillian (Gilly) Gill’s recovery from cancer by way of an integrated approach.

In October 2000 Gilly was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer and the prognosis was bleak. As all that conventional medicine could offer was a limited increase in life expectation with a dramatic decrease in quality of life, Gilly decided to take an holistic approach. While her progress was monitored by an oncologist, she undertook a program of diet, complementary therapies and self-help techniques under the supervision of an experienced integrated medicine doctor. Today Gilly is well and enjoying a full life, with her tumour markers in the normal range.

The aim of Gilly’s Gift is to widen access to integrated medicine for the whole community in the United Kingdom. It particularly aims to initiate change by influencing the training of medical professionals, thus widening access to doctor led integrated medicine and providing the best opportunities for health and wellness.

Nutri-Link Ltd – supporting AFMCP ™ -UK since 2011

Nutri-Link imports and distributes a comprehensive range of the highest quality nutritional supplements directly to healthcare professionals and their patients/clients. These supplements are specifically designed for nutritional medicine related problems and are based on many decades of combined formulation experience by the manufacturers and in excess of 50 years clinical experience from the founders.

The companies Nutri-Link represent have consistently demonstrated their commitment to the manufacture of highest quality supplements over many decades. They have been chosen by Nutri-Link because they source the highest quality raw materials, avoid using low allergen risk components and employ scientists, researchers, medical and non-medical clinicians to provide continued input to product development and efficacy.

Nutri-Link is committed to providing the best service to our valued customers by offering personalised attention to the individual needs of healthcare professionals, technical support, rapid-response times and a professionally accredited educational programme.


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