The best course I have ever been in. I would recommend it to any GP who is interested in getting to the root cause of chronic disease.

Dr Ailsa Care


Easily the best event I’ve been to in 29 years! Superb teachers and material, incredible food, excellent exhibitors, I met so many high calibre practitioners and all brilliantly organised. Worth every penny – which was a lot! this will transform my practice. Huge thank you to you all. I LOVE FM!

Jane Lorimer

Nutritional Therapist

This was one of the most valuable medical education courses I have taken in the last 10 years. I found the course to be highly relevant to clinical practice, particularly in dealing with the chronic diseases we face on a daily basis in primary care. By week’s end I’d learned a thoughtful approach that takes into account the complexity of factors that influence health and disease in modern times and learned a systematic method to address these issues.

Brian Berman


AFMCP™ has given me a solid foundational understanding, well-grounded in science, to now move forward in my career and be an advocate of a philosophical perspective that I have been struggling to bring to life for several years now. Functional medicine is the missing piece of the puzzle which I believe is sorely missing from the therapeutic landscape.

Nimi Singh


AFMCP™ was a wonderful clinical education. Congenial bright colleagues, skilled and relevant instructors and plenty of practical take-home diagnostic and therapeutic information. I recommend AFMCP™ to anyone who wants to be a better physician.

Carolyn McMakin


AFMCP™ gave me a better understanding of the principles and underpinning philosophy of functional medicine, together with extensive practical tools to integrate new knowledge and skills to my clinical practice. The IFM faculty team draw on their own expert knowledge and experience to make this intensive programme both challenging and highly inspiring. I would certainly recommend AFMCP™ to any practitioner looking to use functional medicine approaches in their work with patients.

Jane Nodder


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