Toolkits & Takeaways

Your tuition at AFMCP™-UK will include 3 months access to a comprehensive toolkit & takeaways that are directly applicable to your practice in the UK and EU, plus experiences that will change and reinvigorate your perspective and practice.



3 months access to Functional Medicine Toolkit which includes:

    • Multiple intake forms including food diaries, medical intakes, dental assessments, consent forms, waivers, etc.
    • Many assessment questionnaires including toxin exposure, depression anxiety stress scales, environment exposure/sensitivity, low GI diet, patient activity, medical symptoms, sleep patterns, to name a few.
    • Extensive patient handouts including dietary information sheets, activity/exercise logs and information sheets, supplement sheets, recipes, etc.
    • Effective comprehensive dietary plans: Anti-Candida Diet, Comprehensive Elimination Diet, Gluten Free Diet, Low GI Diet. Plans include overviews, guidelines, shopping lists, menu ideas, recipes, etc.
    • Specific laboratory assessment tools
    • Presentation on Business Models for the Functional Medicine Practice


  • Course Materials: USBs include all presentations plus post-seminar audio recordings
  • Listing on IFM™’s Web-based practitioner referral network
  • Up to 34 hours of CPD credits

And…Experience and Apply the Functional Medicine Model On-Site:

  • Panel discussions and Q&A sessions including Applying Laboratory Testing in Functional Medicine
  • Daily Q&A sessions with faculty
  • Special events that encourage colleague networking and experience sharing
  • Attendees will live the Functional Medicine model:
    • Delicious, healthy lunches and snacks prepared within elimination diet guidelines
    • Exercise activities – to work around weather and time!
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